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Triple Crown Rescue Leasing



Lease one of our Horses

Here at Triple Crown Equine Rescue, we have horses you may lease before adopting so you can be sure that the horse you are interested in is the horse for you to adopt. We tell all our potential adopters everything we know about the equine so they know what is expected, but sometimes things happen in different situations. A lease will give you a month to be sure the equine is for you. You can figure out things that maybe we haven't. It's a great program we have for the reasons stated above. The fee for a full lease is $350.00 per month or we have a _ lease for $250.00 per month.

Full lease: A full lease gives a potential adoptee the first right to adopt the equine he or she has chosen upon an adoption application being approved. The leasee may ride (if the horse is rideable) and work with the equine 7 days a week. It gives the horse and person time to bond. If after working with the equine, during the month leased, you are not happy with that equine you may chose a different equine for the remainder of that month.

_ Lease: A half lease allows the leasee to ride (if the horse is rideable) and work with the equine 3 days a week. A horse that is _ leased may be _ leased by 2 individuals. If one of the two individuals decides to adopt the equine they must submit an application and it has to be approved. Whoever has an approved application will have first right to adopt that equine. Whoever does not get to adopt that equine may continue their lease on another equine.

  *Please Note: the horses that are listed are not available for adoption
Shadow, Sheba, Nadia, Jackie, Amanda, She' tan, and Little D. They may be leased all except She' tan and Little D. All leases' are on Farm lease's ONLY! There are no refunds on a Lease.

Horses available for leasing



For riders 18+ years old, Grulla Spanish Mustang Stallion. Very well mannered. Must be intermediate level or higher rider.



17.2 hh Bay Clydesdale Mare that loves trail rides, she rides western or English.



18 hh Blue Roam Clydesdale Mare that loves trail rides. traffic and kid safe.



For experienced riders, 15 hh Grey Arabian Mare. Rides western but could possibly go English.



15.2 hh Quarad Mare. Rides English or western

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